Community Leadership Summit 2013 and OSCON Action

by | Wed 17 Jul 2013

If you are going to be in Portland, Oregon in the next few weeks, I wanted to share some of the things I will be doing. If you want a meeting while I am at the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON, please get in touch and we can coordinate.

## Community Leadership Summit 2013

I founded the [Community Leadership Summit]( five years ago and the event has grown to become the primary annual meeting place for community managers, leaders, and those interested in the art and science of community management. I am really proud of how CLS has grown and matured over the years, and many thanks to our wonderful attendees who make it so fantastic.

This year’s event is shaping up to be awesome. We have a [fantastic set of registered attendees](, a full unconference format, enhanced audio and video facilities, and more.

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors who have helped to support the event:

* O’Reilly
* Liferay
* Microsoft
* Adobe
* Mozilla
* OpenNMS
* Google

The event is completely free to attend. read [more about how it works]( and [how to get there]( and see the [schedule](


Lots going on at OSCON this year.

To begin with I will be running [my first community management training workshop]( at OSCON on **Mon 22nd July**. This is a full-day workshop, so be sure to come and join me. Details are [here](

Then on **Tues 23rd July at 9.00am** Jorge and Mark M will be running [Service Orchestration In The Cloud With Juju]( – a full workshop that covers using Juju to deliver production services and how Juju charms work.

Next on **Wed 24th July at 9.55am** Mark Shuttleworth will be giving his keynote.

**Wed 24th July** is going to be a busy day for me with the following in my schedule:

* **10.40am** – [Ubuntu Phone and Tablet – Intro to Design and Development](
* **1.40pm** – [Office Hours]( – come and join me for this Q&A session. Feel free to ask me about Community Management and Growth, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Touch, and Juju, Engineering Management, Collaboration Infrastructure and Processes, Conflict Resolution, Governance, Social Media, Event Coordination and Planning, or anything else.
* **2.30pm** – [Burnout and Bickering: a Community Manager’s Guide to Conflict](
* **3.45pm** – Book Signing – come to the O’Reilly booth where we will be giving out copies of my book, [The Art of Community](, which you can get signed if you want me to horrendously scribble on it.

See the [full OSCON schedule](

We will also have a full Ubuntu booth staffed by many members of [Ubuntu Oregon]() talking about Ubuntu for phones, desktops, and tablets, and Ubuntu for the cloud and our Juju orchestration platform.

I hope to see you there!

An invitation-only accelerator that develops industry-leading community engagement and growth via personalized training, coaching, and accountability...all tailored to your company's needs.

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